Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stabbing at 1015 Folsom?

What should my tired eyes behold this morning but news of what seems like yet another "incident" at 1015. According to this article in SF Gate:

The stabbing occurred inside a nightclub in the 1000 block of Folsom Street, police said.

One male reportedly stabbed another male with a knife at around 1 a.m., police said.

I rode by there around 10.30 with J and the boyfriend on our way to Kontrol at The EndUp (about which more later), and there was already a line of B&T/Marina types halfway down the block. Last night was Sense, with two artists from Sense Recordings, and Taj, one of the residents, so I'm guessing it was probably a progessive night.

If you were there or have any info, please share!

Update: More details in this article from the Examiner; looks like a fist-fight got out of control. Fun. According to the Examiner, 1015's liquor license is up for renewal in less than a month; given the issues that the ABC board has had with 1015 in the past, you have to wonder how this incident will be regarded.

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M said...

It's unfortunate to see how far 1015 has sunk. I have some good memories of that place... before it was all ghetto!

They used to have a great afterparty there, complete with pancakes and downtempo in the back room, where they would actually open up the roof and let in light and air! Or if you just couldn't stop dancing, the front room was dark and strobey.

It all changed when the condos went in across the street - the club was beseiged by the city and backed into a corner. At some point it turned into what it is today - a shadow of its former self, and a magnet for the "marina crowd" and fighters and stabbers.

It's really sad, because it used to be one of the better venues (if you had to be in a club at all, instead of outdoors, where house music really sounds best!) But, that was a long time ago, and nothing lasts... especially not in clubland!