Monday, December 10, 2007

Coming Soon to a Beatportal Near You

Some of you may be familiar with Beatport, the DJ-oriented music download site. A few of you might also be familiar with Beatportal, the sister site that focuses on scene news, info about new gear, and all the other kinds of content that might be of interest to the electronic music producer and afficiando. Well, guess who is the now the San Francisco correspondant for Beatportal? Yes, you guessed right, it's me! I'm working on my initial posts right now, focusing on giving some overviews of our little old scene, and those will be up as soon as the new Beatportal interface is ready, probably within the next two weeks or so. I'll post more info up here when my posts are published there, but you can expect to see some content that I'll be writing exclusively for that blog like scene guides and scenester profiles in addition to event reveiws and scene news. Of course, I'll still be writing here as well for all you local folks, and the Friday and Saturday Night Guides, as well as upcoming event info, will stay exclusive to SFScene. So, when you're bored at work, you'll now have two places to go check out for your daily dose of the Jaded Gay DJ!

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