Monday, May 21, 2007

Another year older . . . .

Though my press release doesn't seem to have made it into the major papers (I *so* need to get a better publicist), this past weekend the jaded gay DJ added another notch to his string of years on this earthly plane. It wasn't the best, nor the worst, birthday I've had, though the older I get the more notable birthdays become simply through their continuing occurence.

Over this past year I've put two grandparents in the ground, had a friend kill himself, and another was 5150'd by the SFPD off to SF General after flipping out due to excess consumption of 'shrooms. A bit of a grim year in retrospect. This was also the first year in a very long time in which I had full-time employment, which is a mixed blessing of financial relief and existential dread. I still haven't worked out what I want to be when I grow up, though the world seems determined to make some of those decisions for me.

I started my birthday weekend by going up to The Cinch to see some of my friends who were at the Charlie Horse show. It was a fun time, but I was disappointed to find out that a substantial contingent of my former Burning Man camp mates have decided to head off to (literal) greener pastures and camp with the Alternatiave Energy Zone. As word of these defections makes its way through the rest of the camp I'm sure they will shake others loose from us, perhaps including myself, the boyfriend, and our friend Kitty.

Saturday the boyfriend, Kitty and myself went out to the Gray Area Gallery party, but when we arrived at 10 the only place the party was bumpin' was in the (single) bathroom and they were gouging us for beers at $5 each, so we got stamped and went off to The Eagle for real drinks at decent prices. When we returned at 11.30 things were more lively, but none of us were really able to get into the party - I kept flashing back to undergrad art school parties, there was no place to sit (you begin to notice these things when you get older), and the beers weren't getting any cheaper. We went back to my place, listened to Kompakt Total 7 and Pop Ambient 2007, and played Katamar Damacy until the small hours.

Sunday I had arranged a rendezvous at 7PM at The Pilsner for people to buy me drinks. It wasn't a massive turnout, but it's always interesting to take note of who shows up to share birthday drinks with you and who doesn't. We wound up as a slightly raucous table of 6 at Home around 9.00PM, where I got the requisite cake and "Happy Birthday" treatment. The mood was muted when the boyfriend and I returned home, the result of a weekend that didn't quite go as expected and his having to deal with the shroom-destablized roommate mentioned above, who, as of this writing, has been released from General and presents all manner of anxiety and stress-inducing possibilities. Wish us both luck, gentle readers, as we turn to face the things ahead of us.

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