Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marke B. on San Francisco Techno

A couple weeks ago Marke B. told me via email that he had been planning a big feature story on San Francisco techno, but the newspaper biz being what it is, he had to chop up his feature into a couple different installments of his SuperEgo column. This week he gets down into the meat of it and talks to all the folks I've been writing about here, snapping up some nice quotes (Greg Bird of Kontrol referring to minimal techno as "Windex music") and giving a very concise lay of the land. Check it out and put it in your bookmarks, he's got all the parties listed in one nice neat lil' space.

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Marke B said...

Thanks for the shoutout and props, my fave jade-j! Unfortunately, the newspaper biz what it is, I got the dates wrong for the Staple parties (which really make me tingle) in the paper (hey, I was writing from Peru!) -- they're now corrected online. jfyi and keep on swinging! ;)m.