Thursday, May 10, 2007

Your Friday Guide for May 11, 2007

So what do you wanna do this Friday? Party with playa freaks, get down in a cozy DJ den, wallow in pre-AIDS nostalgia? Hey, we got a little something for everybody. As always, if you check out one of these events, hit me back with a report.

Bar Nights and Weeklies

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Lights Down Low at Club 222
Not the biggest or wildest party of the night, but the boyfriend and I dug this old-school bar that reminded us of something from the East Village, and we had more fun dancing to the DJs here than we did at The Rod down the street. Omar of Popscene will be taking a turn on the decks this time around. Check out my review of Lights Down Low.

The Rod at Deco Lounge
For all the gay boys who want to pretend that it's 1979. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Check out my review of The Rod.

Charlie Horse at the Cinch
Best place to go out and have a cheap drink while being entertained by drag queen antics. Music by DJ Dirty Knees is more rock and new-wave oriented, but at least it won't interfere with your conversation. Check out my previous posts on The Cinch. Update: A little faerie tells me that those two crazy girls Frieda Laye and Juanita Fajita will be performing in tonight's "Freaks of the Circus" show. The mind reels, the stomach heaves at the thought of what these two might get up to. Show starts at the witching hour.

Fag Fridays at The EndUp
Reliable, if not all that exciting, but it goes all night, expect to pay around $20 to get in and to dance to pretty typical San Francisco deep house.

One Offs

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Staple Music and Blasthaus present Kenny Larkin at the Rx Gallery
The Rx is an odd party space with a questionable sound system, but this promises to be a very groovy night of "future house and deep techno" with a well-established techno producer. I enjoyed the tunes that DJ Javaight and Fil Latorre spun at their last event and I think you will as well. Check out my review of Refuge, the last Staple Music party I attended.

Stimulus: Excursions Into ElectroTech at Le Duplex
This will be my party destination for Friday, as it's only a few blocks from my pad, a very reasonable $5 before 11, and I'm curious to hear how others will interpret the "ElectroTech" genre.

Freqo de Mayo with Bassnectar (DJ Lorin Ashton) at Mighty
Last but not least, this will certainly be the monster party of the night. Twenty bucks to get you through the door and check out our rising hometown hero and other artists in the "future world breaks, latin, house and hip hop" genres. Honestly probably not the kind of stuff I'd go out to hear, but you want a big party full of Burner types, this is it.

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