Thursday, May 24, 2007

Your Weekend Guide for Memorial Day Weekend

Okay kids, yours truly is heading out of town with the boyfriend this weekend, our destination being one of those fabled places known to small groups of Burners and other freaks, site of so many lovely times I cannot possibly enumerate them all here, but suffice to say there will much romping and fun amongst the tall trees. I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

Since I'm headed out tomorrow I'm making a nice, concise, all-in-one place weekend guide for you all this time. There aren't that many super-spectacular things happening because, I guess, most people are getting the hell out of town for a couple days, but there are definitely some things for you all having a staycation to enjoy. And here we go . . .


The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Lights Down Low at Club 222: Disco Prom
This installment features a live performance from local 'lectrodisco phenoms Luxxury. Five bucks, swell space, fun kids, what the hell more do you want on a Friday night? Check out my previous review of Lights Down Low.

Starfucker at Deco Lounge
If you really have to go to a gay night, then why not go to one in probably the best club in the 'Loin? $5 all night.

Charlie Horse at the Cinch
Best place to go out and have a cheap drink while being entertained by drag queen antics. Music by DJ Dirty Knees is more rock and new-wave oriented, but at least it won't interfere with your conversation. Check out my latest review of Charlie Horse at The Cinch. Free, with strong drinks!


No recommendation for Saturday since I've not checked out either of these events, but if I was in town I surely would go to one or the other, depending on whether I felt like hanging out with techno kids or sweaty gay guys.

The Grind at The Cat Club
Okay, it's the usual deal: booze sponsorships, Gloss magazine, Matt Consola. But it's at The Cat Club, a great space with a convenient location. And who knows, maybe it'll turn into something different than the standard line of Gus Presents-type events. $10 before 11, $15 after.

FilterSF at Fat City
Yeah, I know, I've not been too crazy about the stuff I've been hearing from/about the Bay Area Beat Drop crew, but here's an all-night techno party right in the heart of SoMa with [a]pendics.shuffle and Someone Else. $15 before 11 w/out RSVP, $20 after. Hit 'em up for an RSVP, get in early for free, and party your ass off until the golden light of Sunday morning.

That's it my lovelies, go forth and party, and if you have fun, or even a crappy time, at any of these events, drop me an email and tell me all about it!

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