Thursday, May 3, 2007

C.L.A.W.S and Gentleman's Techno Parties

In further evidence that techno is now blowing up as San Francisco's dominant cool kid music, the SFWeekly has an article in this week's issue about techno producer Brian Hock, aka C.L.A.W.S, and his Gentleman's Techno parties, described by devotee Kid606 as the closest thing to the way they party in Berlin and a tonic to the "handbag house" (love that term) that otherwise rules at clubs like Pink. As someone who has partied in Berlin I'd love to check one of these events out, so if anyone can give me the hook-up I'd be most appreciative.


beaner said...

not sure what you meant by "the hook up"... im one of the djs playing this saturday (flew in from berlin for it specifically) and if you need the info as to where it is, 3201 3rd st at marin (the cave warehouse). hope you can make it down.

pablo aka beaner

Elliotatk said...

The minimal scene in berlin is still really strong I reccoment Berghein/Panorama. Its really fun kinda hardcore. guys fucking in darkrooms etc but thats all goodfun. In london theres Wet Urself and minimal carnival, so many others. Loads of cyber places like slimelight playing industrial techno. London has a massive hub of minimaltechno now.

Fucking love C.L.A.W's show, and he's beyond handsome.