Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Upcoming Event: Stimulus, Friday May 11

Spring seems to be bringing up interesting new club nights like little mushrooms. Here's a Friday night party conveniently located on Mission Street just a few blocks from my pad that holds the promise of some interesting musical diversion with some DJs from Space Cowboys and Get Freaky, among others:

STIMULUS: Excursions into Electrotech
Our first time out was more fun than a ball of hamsters. So much fun, in fact, that, going against the advice of our therapists, priests, rabbis, and caddies, we're once again gathering a select assortment of DJs to present their personal flavor of electrotech. The second Friday of May, Stimulus-Response Productions presents:

Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Erik Hz (FreeDumb Force Recordings / BABB - SF)
Evinrude (Stimulus / Space Cowboys / NetAmp - SF)
Jocelyn (Get Freaky - SF)
Kinesis (Stimulus - Santa Cruz)
Raydeus (Pronoia - SF)
- and coming to us from Seattle:
Swank (United House Front / C89.5FM - Seattle)

10pm - 4am
Le Duplex, 1525 Mission St., SF
$5 before 11pm, $10 after; 21+
Call 1-888-650-6660 for more info.

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