Thursday, May 3, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for May 5, 2007

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which means lots of gringos drinking too much tequila and Corona and acting like Mexico’s independence from Spain is just another excuse for them to behave like imperialist caricatures of people from a developing nation. Oh well, that’s just us crazy Americans.

Kind of a slow Saturday, as I assume everyone is saving their energy for How Weird Street Faire afterparties on Sunday.

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: HOUSE OF LOTUS Cinco de Mayo Burning Man Fundraiser
Yes, they encourage you to dress up like a cowboy and behave in deplorable ways, but there’s a great DJ line-up and an underground location (I’m not even supposed to be posting this for public consumption, but what the hell, it’s not like that many people will see it here anyway).
10PM to 6AM
$15 pre-sales from, $20 at the door
Secret Underground Location available at on Friday

Kontrol at the End-Up featuring live sets from Stephen Beaupre and Ambivalent
Your monthly offering of “minimal techno and avant house” with the boys from Kontrol at one of the best clubs in town (though watch out for that security pat-down)
10PM to 6AM
$15 at the door
The EndUp, 6th and Harrison

Tabu at the Sky Bar
Okay, I put this up for completeness only, because every bit of communication I see coming from these kids is managing to piss me off. This is the same crew, Bay Area Beat Drop (BABD), that does Fuk Werk Fridays happy hour (check out my review) at 111 Minna and filterSF at Fat City, so ostensibly they're a minimal techno collective. So far every one of their flyers has featured a NSFW image of a mostly naked woman (seriously, I’m afraid to look at their Myspace page at work), they describe their music as “sultry and teasing,” they have an annoying Flash site, this event says “No old jeans or t-shirts,” and they want you to pay $15 before midnight, $20 after, and apparently this isn’t even the main room for this club, but you can see through the floor to the main room, where they play hip-hop. So, if anybody has been or plans on going to this party, please hit me back and let me know what it was like so I can decide if I should keep listing it. Somehow I think this is techno for the bottle service crowd, which is a big turn-off for this jaded gay DJ and, I hope, you all as well. It’s also pretty bad when you can’t even list the address for the club where you’re having your party on your own damn website (and if you want your browser window to open at a normal size, be sure to clear your cache after looking at this Flash monstrosity).
10PM to 2AM(?)
Free before 11 with RSVP to, $15 before 11, $20 after midnight
520 4th Street

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