Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for May 12, 2007

Oh, the jaded gay DJ will be taking flight early on Sunday morning for a thrilling (thrilling, I tell you) professional conference next week, so it's probably going to be a quiet night of doing laundry and packing. But for you, oh my readers, there are other options:

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Doin' It in the Park: Techno Picnic in Golden Gate Park
From noon until sunset in Golden Gate Park's George Washington Grove, 25th at MLK
There will be a grill, a George W. pinata to beat the stuffing out of, and beats provided by IXD (,Farzana, J Moody (Chicago), TomKat (Subversive Soundz), DJ Razvan (Bassaholics Anonymous), KAWA (People Muver), James Bass (Bassaholics Anonymous), dcoy (Bassaholics Anonymous). I will definitely be there to check it out, and I bet there will be afterparty action as well.

Bay Area Beatdrop presents Low End Saturday at the Retox Lounge
You read about them in this week's SuperEgo column in the SFBG, now go check them in out in a cozy Potrero bar. But be careful about opening their myspace link if you're at work.

Space Elevator: Psytrance Underground Burning Man Fundraiser
A little all-night psytrance warehouse action with veterans of the CCC, Kode IV, and my buddy Sentient. You wanna know more, you gotta go to Ceiba Records (1364 Haight) and buy a ticket.

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