Friday, June 29, 2007

Event Review: The Workout at House of Shields

The Workout has definitely stepped up in the world in its new location at House of Shields, and though this reporter had to make it short night, I'll definitely be adding to it my regular calendar of events.

The boyfriend and I met at House of Shields around 10PM, he having gone off to see the latest Stephen King flick, 1408, while I stayed at home and twiddled some knobs. When I got there around ten there was a smallish crowd that seemed more like overflow from The Palace Hotel across the street, but there were definitely a few kids there for the evening's festitivities, and as the hour approached midnight their numbers increased substantially. The House of Shields is an old-school, dark wood panelled bar that looks like it's been there for at least a hundred years. There is an upstairs mezzanine area where the DJ gear was set up, and I expect this probably serves as a small dance floor when it gets really rockin' (I think it may have been a sort of orchestra loft back in the day). In keeping with the old-school motif drinks were generous and reasonably priced, $5 each for a well cocktail and a draft import beer. It was a really fun space to hear electronic music, if only for the contrast between the old world and the new, both joined together by the spirit of people wanting to go out and have a good time.

Johnatron was on the decks when I first arrived but passed off to Pozibelle shortly thereafter. The sound was a tremendous improvement over Le Suckplex, though I pitied Pozibelle and her lack of a monitor. Nonetheless she soldiered on and laid out some fun tracks of an electro techno dance variety to warm up the evening, including one of Lord Kook's favorites from his Drunk and Horny days, "Greetings from Flashbackville" by Gods of Blitz. Around 11.30 she started into more hip-hop territory, I expect to set the stage a bit for Ghosts on Tape, but both the boyfriend and I needed to call it an early night, so we didn't get to see just how crazy things got.

This has the makings of a really cute little scene (with some cute boys, too) for a Thursday evening, and I'd strongly encourage you all to go check it out. The Workout kids definitely have an ear for what's new, cool, and interesting, and I look forward to seeing what they bring to our little scene.

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John said...

Thanks for coming! You missed my live set! The next one is going to be at house of shields too and we are moving it up a week. I will keep you updated!