Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Upcoming Event: People's Voice, Friday June 8

This morning I came into work to find an email from one of the organizers of this party asking me to list it, AND there were flyers all through the copy room, so I guess I should take the hint and pick this out for special treatment (it was already going to be on the Friday Night Guide - I am pretty much an events bloodhound, you know).

People's Voice: A Journey Through Psychedelic Music
Friday, June 8

Main Room

Goldilox (
Kepi (
Tandava (CCC)
Atum (Astral Productions)
Sentient (Vaporvent Records)

Chillout Room by the Ambient Mafia
Actual rafiq
Olde Nasty
The Captain
Seventh swami

The Gingerbread House (Connecticut at Cesar Chavez)
All Night
$14 Pre-sales (, $20 at the door

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