Monday, June 4, 2007

Halloween in the Castro "Cancelled"

According to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle Halloween in the Castro has been officially "cancelled." While this practically means that they won't block off the streets, bring in porta-potties, or increase police presence, it's anybody's guess what it really means. Ted Strawser of the SF Party Party has a good quote:
"People are still going to go to the Castro," said Ted Strawser, founder of the San Francisco Party Party, a group that opposes the move. "Without services, they're just going to pee in the street, and without entertainment, mischief will occur."
I'm unsure what will happen; without anything to draw people there, will there be crowds of people aimlessly milling around in the Castro? I imagine that the bars will continue to do well, but will the bridge-and-tunnel kids want to hang out at Daddy's? Will SFPD have to come through and clear the streets of costumed revellers? I guess we won't know until Halloween is here.

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Kitten said...

there are soooo many straight people from out of town who come to the castro... I'm sure a ton will do so this year too just out of tradition. I predict the sidewalks will be packed & overflowing into the street...