Thursday, June 28, 2007


At a party over the weekend an acquaintance came floating by on faerie wings and told me he was trying out something called "shimmer," which he described as being "like E with a touch of 2CB." I did a little Google research and couldn't come up with anything definitive, but thanks to a thread on tribe I got these possibilities:

It is a white powder in dosage of about 10-20 mg
Consensus seems to be in the 2C family. somebody mentioned 2CP...?

Possible dose 100-175mg.
Yellow fluffy crystals.
Comes on very fast and immerses one in body, not the visuals of the 2C-B 2C-I, very body orientated.
To start a bit like MDMA, but it kind of walks it's own way and falls short of the electric kind of rush of 2C-B/2C-I.
Doubting whether anything else.
This is basically the end of the chain of the 2&3C product groups.
2C-N cannot be played with any more as in the case of other substances of this group.

2C-T7 or one of the same group.
Very visual

So, anybody out there know what this is? I'd be interested in hearing reports, either via comments or email, about any shimmering experiences.

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