Friday, June 22, 2007

Iraqi LGBT Blog

It's pretty well known that homosexuality is a capital offense in Iran, where two boys (under 17) were recently hung (yes, hung) for being gay. What is not widely reported is what's going on in that "center of democracy" in the Middle East, Iraq. This blog:

reports on the "sexual cleansing" being carried out on all sides under the cover of the other executions and murders that are taking place in Iraq's civil war. There's some pretty horrific stuff here, and what is most disturbing is that it now seems that it's becoming part of Iraqi policy that it's okay to just go ahead and kill someone based on the accusation that he's gay. I don't know if gays and lesbians had it better or worse under Saddam, but our invasion has certainly taken the top off the pressure cooker and created an environment in which wholesale killing takes place because there is no longer any rule of law besides the power of the gun.

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