Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for June 16, 2007

We all know that next weekend is Gay Pride, right? And we've all taken off the appropriate time from work for preparation and recovery, right? No? Well, hope you have some sick days saved up, 'cuz after Pink Saturday, the Mikes on Bikes party, Afterglow, Drunk and Horny Pride edition, the "festival" on Sunday, and all the other regular stuff, you're going to bloody well need them. In short, everybody seems to be saving up their party energy for next weekend, but here are some events I think will be great fun if you're the sort who can party hearty from one weekend until the other. As for me, I've got DJ sets to practice this weekend.


This new party at The Cinch features "electro-burlesque," "filthy go-go boys" and "circus acts." Well, that's quite a bit of entertainment right there. Rotating DJs (last week my friend Kitten had his DJ debut, which I was sorry to miss due to other committments), this week is Malakai. I believe that they're going for an electro groove, and this is a fun place to hang out on the Polkstrasse, so go check it out for something different.
9PM - Close (whatever that means)
No cover listed
1723 Polk between Clay and Washington

Drunk and Horny
Get drunk, flirt with boys, and dance to good-time party standards. Reliable, easy-going, and a short stumble home.
9PMish - 2.00AM (with maybe an afterparty)
Underground SF, 424 Haight Street x Webster

Monthlies and One-Offs

Lotus Party
"True Dance Will Never Die" - now that's a slogan for a party that I can get behind. Co-sponsored by Soundworks, my guess is that this party will be a showcase of fine Chicago house and techo for a crowd of gay boys who dig it. DJs Gene Hunt, Kikkoman, Neon Leon, Gourachandra, and Spencer Drennan. No info on location or cost, but I bet it will be groovy.
Call 641-985-5999 ext. 26741 for deets.
UPDATE: FREE! Location info after 9PM, party starts at midnight!

The Evil Breaks kids present an all-night underground throw-down in a SoMa location with Kid Kenobi from Australia, Mancub (Space Cowboys/NetAmp), Mozaic (Nexus/Raindance), Aaron Jae (Evil Breaks/XM/Space Cowboys), Evinrude (Space Cowboys/Stimulus/NetAmp), Robb Green (Shameless), Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple)
$10 all night
Hit the website link above for location.

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