Monday, June 11, 2007

NYTimes Article: "Coke is the New Weed"

Way back in February of this year I wrote an entry for this blog on "the new coke," about how cocaine seems to have made this incredible resurgence on the club scene. Now I have the New York Times to confirm that it's not just here where cocaine is becoming a nightlife staple once again, and that prices for a half-gram party pack are set at about the same level as in New York as they are here ($25-30). There are some great quotes in this article, including an investment banker guy who buys two grams a week (urgh, and how is that sinus condition treating you?):
“I do it every day,” said Kristoff, a European transplant to New York who works in finance and would not give his last name. He said he pays $150 for two grams of cocaine. “If I have to work at 6 in the morning and I have to be on top of the game, I’ll do it. I’ll take a gram of coke and make half a million dollars.”

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