Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mix to Download: Matt Consola "Friction NYE 2005"

Okay, so this is a bit out of my usual line of mix postings, as it sounds remarkably like a Saturday night show on Hot 92.7, but I think it's worth posting since Matt is one of the "big" gay DJs here in SF, spinning at any number of Gus Presents events, Industry at Mighty, and Bearracuda. In terms of gay clubland, this is about as good as it gets. It's also a reference point for what the kids who are reacting against "techno" and "trance" are really reacting against. I think I've heard Matt DJ once at a street fair, and as I recall the boyfriend asked him if he had anything harder (ha ha). His reply was worth noting; he wanted to get into harder, darker territory, but the diva tribal fluff he was playing was what it took to get the crowd dancing. I wish I could figure out how to enjoy this stuff, honestly. Why is it that even the butchest of gay men want diva vocals?

Matt Consola's Friction NYE 2005 Mix

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