Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bar Review: Trax in the Haight

After manuevering through the obstacle course of panhandlers, gutter punks, and 'burban shoppers that crowd the narrow sidewalks of the Haight, sometimes a man just needs a dark haven and a drink. Thankfully, Trax, on Haight up from Masonic (going toward Buena Vista Park), can provide.

Trax is the only gay bar in the Haight, though it's hard to say what, exactly, makes it gay. Back in the day it was host to Jeff and Gary's Love Haight Lounge, but now the DJ decks are gone and I have yet to hear of any special events there. Inside it's a typical divey bar, with a pool table and sports or some innocuous sitcom with gay appeal on the tube. Thursdays they used to show Will and Grace and serve $2.75 Cosmos, and while Will and Grace have passed into DVD-land, the Cosmos remain. Best place I know to get two people smashed on less than $20, if that's what you're after. Occasionally they will also play some decent music videos.

If you're looking for a bar where you can duck in and have a drink, Trax delivers admirably. But it may be a pretty lonely drink, judging from a recent Thursday night excursion. In the end Trax is much more of a waypoint than a destination, so go have your cheap drinks and then move to some place more fun.

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