Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Hit, a Veritable Hit!

So last night I was at Fritjz on Hayes attending a monthly gathering of bloggers organized by Ted Strawser of the sfpartyparty (who deserves big congrats for his role in getting the road closures in Golden Gate Park through). We were all sitting around, having some beers, talking shop, when in stroll these two girls in identical outfits, identical black wigs, and identical big black Jackie O sunglasses, carrying a digital video camera that was on. They inquire whether one of our group is Dean Barbella of, and when Dean puts up his hand, they promptly announce that they are from a website that supports the Mayor (I won't help their cause by mentioning them by name), throw two beers upon him, and make a hasty retreat. We were all stunned, then started laughing our asses off. As I later told Dean, I wished that I had acheived such a state of notoriety that people wanted to throw drinks in my face. We all speculated how soon it would be before the video would be on YouTube, and the answer seems to have been within about an hour. Dean has the video, with his own commentary, up on his site, you should really check it out for a great glimpse into the world of SF politics. And if you pause it just as the girls come out onto the patio you'll see me for about a half second - I'm the only one wearing sunglasses.

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