Monday, April 9, 2007

Ducal Doin's: Mr. Royal Bunny is Crowned

The Royal Mr. Bunny contest concluded yesterday at Café Flore with a large number of Sisters, bunnies, trannies, and general kooky people in attendance. The event started at 4.00, just as things were winding down at Dolores Park, so many Sisters made their way up to their unofficial Castro hangout. I was there mainly to support Kitty, who has been selling raffle tickets as best he could over the past several weeks. Going in we knew that Mr. SPCA, aka Oliver, would probably beat him, since he was raising money for the same organization he worked for, but I had it from the Duke himself that Kitty would get recognition for his efforts. And, indeed, he was named Royal Baby Bunny Boy, given a lovely framed certificate, a pair of blue bunny ears decorated by the Duke, and a blue bunny plushie. Though Kitty told me he was in the contest primarily to support the Duke and to get himself more involved with community work, I still know that he appreciated the recognition and was very happy to receive it. That he lost out to someone wearing a pastel blue muscle shirt with “Celine Dion” printed on the front was thus a little easier to take. When everything was tallied up the various Mr. and Miss Bunny contestants raised over $2900 for the SPCA's Hearing Dogs for the Deaf program, completely selling out all the raffle tickets and breaking the previous fundraising efforts.

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