Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mixes to Download: Puttin' My Music Where My Mouth Is

It's been a while since I got behind the decks, due to a variety of factors including illness, death, depression, the passing of my favorite record store (BPM Records), equipment problems (Oy!) , lack of time, and lack of motivation since I only get to play out once every six months or so. However, it seems that I should put some mixes out there so you all will have a better idea of where I'm coming from, musically speaking. I have a WaxDJ site that contains some things I've done over the past 18 months as DJ Pup, though nothing very recent. There is a recent "electrotechno" mix that I really like, along with two chill progressive trance mixes that are recorded versions of sets I played at Burning Man and at a Drunk and Horny New Year's Eve party. Everything is on vinyl, recorded in my lil' bedroom set-up. Check them out and let me know what you think, I could use some inspiration and encouragement these days.

Here's the track list for ElectroTechno:
  • Solvent - Radio GaGa Part I (Schneider TM Mustang Remake)
  • Rex the Dog - I Look into Mid Air
  • Mylo - Muscle Car (Tiga's Nightmare Chords Mix) - Breastfed
  • Scratch Massive - Girls on Top Original - My Best Friend
  • Grandmaster and Melle Mel - White Lines (Elite Force Mix) - Future Retro compilation
  • CirezD - Re-Match - Mouseville
  • Oxia - Domino - Kompakt Speicher
  • Rocco Branko - Kapital (Einmusik Remix) - Platzhirsch
  • South Union - Stage 1 Taho Remix - Adrenogroov
  • The Hunter of Sounds - Dope Jam - Surface Records
  • Axel Bartsch - Was Bleibt ist die Musik - Kompakt Extra
  • Filterheadz - Endless Summer - Love Distortion

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