Monday, April 2, 2007

In Which I Meet JT Leroy

Wandering the Mission on Saturday the boyfriend and I happened onto a sidewalk sale by some local designers and his eye was caught by a very singular "modular jacket" that could be worn either side up with snaps to gather and close it. We walked away without the jacket but with an invite to a trunk and gallery show at the Triple Base Gallery. There we had further conversation with the designer, Savannah Koop, and admired the local band photography of Alissa Anderson, who, in addition to making nifty wallets and nifty photos of bands like Deerhoof, also plays cello in the band Vetiver. It wasn't until the next day, however, that we found out that Savannah Koop had once been involved in impersonating JT Leroy. So there you have it, kids - you never know when, wandering the streets of San Francisco, you will have a genuine encounter with a genuine hoax.

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