Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your Friday Guide for April 27, 2007

Whew, after the past three weekends the jaded gay DJ is the exhausted gay DJ. I think this will be a lovely weekend to get out and enjoy the warm weather, maybe stop off for a drink somewhere, and recharge the batteries for another round next weekend, when there's all kinds of crazy stuff happening.

The Jaded Gay DJ Recommends: Lights Down Low at 222 Club
A fun little scene in a cozy bar, just be careful you don't wander outside someplace and get yourself shot. Check out my review.

FUK werk Fridays Happy Hour at 111 Minna
A new minimal techno happy hour in downtown, yee-haa! Check out my review.

Fag Fridays at The EndUp
Reliable, if not all that exciting, but it goes all night, expect to pay around $20 to get in and to dance to pretty typical San Francisco deep house (the DJs should update their bios, since they refer to clubs that don't exist any more)

Charlie Horse at The Cinch
Free entry, easy-going, cheap strong drinks, crazy drag escapades, a good place to put down a couple on a Friday night when you're looking for a low-key but entertaining evening. Check out my previous postings about The Cinch.

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