Monday, April 30, 2007

Profile of DJ AM in the New York Times

Yesterday's New York Times had a profile of DJ AM, who was here about a month ago to do his own birthday party at Mezzanine. It's an intersting article about a guy who has lived through a lot (after getting hooked on crack he tried to kill himself by putting a gun in mouth, but it jammed when he pulled the trigger), dated a superstar celebrity (Nicole Richie), and now earns big bucks playing parties in Vegas and the NY meatpacking district. His party here was put together by the Vintage 415 group, who seem rather into the bling side of the music scene, which makes this very incisive quote from DJ AM all the more interesting:
After nearly 15 years of playing professionally in clubs, he finds them changed. To him, most places are no longer about dancing and having fun. “They are a tangible representation of what I like to call the universal lie,” he explained. “It’s a place where people pull up in their Porsche, show off their new Marc Jacobs bag or jewelry or, ‘Hey, look at me in V.I.P. with five bottles on my table.’ All this stuff means I’m someone in God’s eyes. But that’s the lie.”
Hmmm, really, couldn't really agree with him more.

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