Thursday, April 19, 2007

Your Saturday Guide for April 21

Well, this Saturday is an embarassment of riches!

Lord Kook Spins at Drunk and Horny!
This week Lord Kook returns to Drunk and Horny at Underground SF on 424 Haight Street. Expect more electro-technofunk than your typical gay bar music, arrive early to get down before things get, um, messy.

Gun Club Underground
The Gun Club kids will be doing their monthly underground thang featuring DJ Kaos from Berlin. If you check it out give us the report back!

Opulent Temple Fundraiser at the Porn Palace
This is sure to be the big event of this Saturday featuring all kinds of electronic dance music, from trance and breaks to house and chill, in one of SF's most interesting and evocative party locations. Security should be easy-going and the party should be rolling. If I didn't already have other committments, this is certainly the party I would hit.

Blasthaus Presents LUSINE with Broker/Dealer at the RxGallery
For those looking for a more intimate space and art-scene crowd.

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